Floor Gully Type 20 Premium

  • Product Types
  • Features/Advantages
  • Installation Procedure

Region Type 20 Premium emerges as an indoor sanitized water drainage gadget which is more flexible, viable and versatile than its predecessor in performing its pivotal mandate. Hence, it impressively compliment modern design requirement apart from boosting the property value in this robust market.

Key Feature 1: Top Access Maintenance
Advantages :
  • Conveniently retrieve accidentally washed down valuables
  • Easy cleaning of debris

Key Feature 2: Optimum Performance
Advantages :
  • Prevent foul odour and insects from creeping up to interior building.
  • Excellent flow rate.

Other Features:
  • Elegant grating design options
  • Enable tile orientation adjustment to enhance aesthetic
Fig. 1:

Before casting, nail the 100mm tee-socket on the form work. It comes with sufficient water stop ridges to prevent water seepage.

Fig. 2:

The tee-socket comes with three 50 mm inlets. It caters for discharge pipe from various sources such as basin, bath tub, kitchen sink and Region Air-conditioning Adaptor. Connect all the discharge pipes into the tee-socket by applying UPVC glue.

Fig. 3:

After casting, remove the form work.