Floor Gully Type 20

  • Product Types
  • Features/Advantages
  • Installation Procedure

The superiority of Region Type 20 is its additional valuable innovative added features that will without a doubt pleases building occupants. It was created to further address the concern and needs of health conscious building occupants.

Key Feature 1: Top Access Maintenance
Advantages :
  • Conveniently retrieve accidentally washed down valuables.
  • Easy clearing of debris.

Key Feature 2: Optimum Performance
Advantages :
  • Prevent foul odour and insects from creeping up to interior building.
  • Excellent flow rate.

Key Feature 3: Simple Installation
Advantages :
  • Suitable for new building.
  • Suitable for rehabilitation and refurbishment of old or existing building.

Other Features:
  • Elegant grating design options.
  • Enable tile orientation adjustment to enhance aesthetic.
Fig. 1:

Before casting, nail the 100mm tee-socket on the form work. It comes with sufficient water stop ridges to prevent water seepage.

Fig. 2:

The tee-socket comes with three 50 mm inlets. It caters for discharge pipe from various sources such as basin, bath tub, kitchen sink and Region Air-conditioning Adaptor. Connect all the discharge pipes into the tee-socket by applying UPVC glue.

Fig. 3:

After casting, remove the form work.

Fig. 4:

Proceed to water proofing and cement screeding. Level the frame of grating during the tiling stage. Beneath the slab, join a 100mm elbow to the bottom of the tee-socket, followed by a 75mm or 50mm UPVC pipe before discharge to main dropper. Assemble in the detachable parts such as filtering bucket, drainage funnel and cover after the installation sets.